Plopping Curly Hair

Recently a client introduced our Deva Curl Specialist, Jennifer to a technique called plopping. We are totally addicted and want to pass this technique on to all you curly girls. Jennifer and I have had great results with our own hair and find that using a t-shirt yeilds the best results and putting product in soaking wet hair really helps, I leave my Devacurl Arc Angel or Moroccan Oil Curl Creme in the shower and scrunch in upside down, then with t-shirt in place on the toilet plop and wrap (I know that sounds gross, but…). Next I get dressed, put on makeup and eat breakfast, before removing my t-shirt and shaking curls a little. I like to let it air dry the rest of the way for best results, but also can be diffused or dryed under a hood dryer. Here’s another link with some videos at the bottom. Warning, if your hair is short this isn’t for you. Happy plopping!


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