OK, Blow it Dry Yourself

Here’s a great video by Eva Scrivo (Martha Alumni), and Rae & Co. Salon top tips for a great at home blowdry.

  1. Please use conditioner on the mid shaft and ends of hair. If your hair gets really tangled, comb thru in the shower with A WIDE TOOTH COMB GENTLY. If you have really fine hair with no traces of any chemicals (perms, color, relaxers), you are the only exception to no conditioner.
  2. Blot hair, do not rub dry with a towel. This roughs up the hair cuticle and is harder for a sleek, shiny, blowout. Microfiber towels are a good option. Remember this is your crown and glory, treat it gently!
  3. Let air dry as long as possible, this will speed drying time.
  4. Do use a styling product. Our top choices in the salon.
  5. Toni & Guy Fashionista Smooth and Shine~ great for all hair types, protects hair from the heat and leaves a killer shine, with nice body.
  6. Redken BodyFull Leave in Treatment and K-pak Mousse~ great for fine hair
  7. Moroccon Oil for incredible body, superb shine, protection against uva damaging affects. For all hair types but very fine. One of the best products I’ve ever used.
  8. Moroccon Oil Styling Treatment  hands down for super curly, frizzy hair blown out straight.
  9. At the very least section the top of your hair from the bottom.I am sure you have some jaw clips around. Remember the more sections the easier and faster the blowout. Sections are always used in the salon.
  10. For the Love of God dig out the nozel from the back of your bathroom cabinet and put it on your blowdryer!Remember to keep it flush with the hair at all times, picture vacuming your hair, but try to just go down the hair shaft from root to end. You really don’t have to pull that hard, let your nozel do the work.
  11. Finish with a shot of cool air .

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