Deva Fuser

image via deva curl
image via deva curl













I can’t believe the Deva Fuser is finally here. The first diffuser innovation in over 60 years! If you are tired of frizzy, overprocessed curls and crave shiny, frizz free curls, get one now. Unique ergonomic design and 360 degree air flow dries hair closest to your scalp while allowing air to flow out onto top strands at the same time. Eliminating frizz forever! One thing that is really important is to follow the Deva Fuser Instruction Guide. Tilt head to the side, place deva fuser onto scalp and hold 2 minutes, repeating all over the head for 2 minutes in each area. Trying to get an area pretty dry, before moving to the next. Finish by cupping long ends in the palm of the deva fuser. If desired spray with a little Set if Free and fluff with fingers. Other important tips to remember. Don’t rough hair up to much with terry towels. Blot gently with paper towels. Comb conditioner through hair with a wide tooth comb if necessary so you don’t have to comb through after rinsing. Apply gel to soaking wet hair and get that frizz before it gets you. Don’t touch hair until it is completely dry. Stop in to Rae & Co. Salon to get the introductory price of $34.95 ( Reg. $39.95 ) for the month of October.


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