Got Curls?

Curly girls- we know you are a breed unto yourselves, you’re smart, sassy, know a thing or two about curly hair and have been to your fair share of curl experts. Here at Rae & Co. Salon we swear by Deva Curl Products and our #1 reason why is because they are sulfate free. Sulfates strip the hair of moisture and oil, they are those harsh chemicals that give us the lather that we love. Most people think lots of suds and squeaky clean hair is a good thing, right. Not so, think of your hair as a fine fabric, would you wash your finest silk or cashmere sweater on cotton/sturdy with extra hot water and generic detergent, then wring the hell out of it and dry it on the highest possible heat or handwash it gently in cool water with a very mild detergent and blotting well with paper towels before air drying. OK- you get my point. Here are our Deva Curl Specialist , Jennifer Ott’s TOP TIPS for curly hair.

  1. Invest in your curls with a better low or no sulfate shampoo and you’ll no longer need to wash as much. Also when shampooing wet hair, apply conditioner to the ends of hair then apply shampoo to the roots and massage scalp in circular motions. After rinsing condition if needed.
  2. Condition, Condition, Condition, you can not ever condition enough. Leave it in even. Curly hair can be rinsed and conditioned everyday. Shampooing maybe once a week.
  3. The less manipulation the better. If your hair gets tangled, comb conditioner through wet hair in the shower gently with a wide tooth comb, then rinse. Do not rub your hair dry with a towel, gently blot with paper towels or a microfiber towel in a scrunching motion.
  4. Scrunch in product, Arc Angel by DevaCurl is our best seller. Using about a quarter size amount , rub hands together and scrunch into curls from the bottom.
  5. The less touching of your hair the better, wait until it’s dry to play with it. Air dry, diffuse, or under a hooded dryer.
  6. Try a DevaCut~ this technique is done while the hair is dry, cutting curl by curl.
  7. Deep condition at least once a week. Wet hair , apply deep conditioner, leave in as long as possible 10 minutes or 8 hours, as long as you can. Rinse. Fabulous Curls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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