Flair, Capri
Flair, Capri

"Flair" image via flair home collection

Last summer while visiting Capri I stumbled upon this fabulous store, Flair. I loved it so much I made my husband take a picture of it. If only there was a way to get this stuff back home with me! Guess what,  while reading my favorite design blog {habitually chic}, I discovered they are now here in New York. Two former Coach alumni convinced the Florence based company to open a store in Soho, located at 88 Grand St.  Guess where I am going asap!


2 thoughts on “Flair

  1. I have seen this shop too, there are a lots of beautiful ones on Capri – and you are right – how on earth do you get this stuff back home, just have to admire it (or take a picture!) You are very lucky to get a store near your home – have you bought anything yet?

  2. Haven’t bought anything yet, Flair is in New York City and I am in Philadelphia, but hope to get there soon.

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