Over 40?

Renu Age Defy Haircare System
Renu Age Defy Haircare System

Is your hair old? Do you want shinier, more manageable hair?  If so, you should be using Joico’s new Renu Age Defty line of hair products. They have teamed up with Shiseido to create some really amazing products to help keep your hair looking young. They have two regimens one for softness and manageability (coarse, dull hair), and one for fullness and body (fine, fragile hair). We have been testing both on our clients with great results, there is an immediate notice of manageablity with increased shine and body.



Another amazing product from this line is the Renual Serum. This actually slows down the signs of aging. Yes, this product can bring back some of your darker hair and banish a good bit of the grey, while improving overall texture of the hair. I have recently seen this work on a man who has been using this product for about six months who has had a major reduction of grey hair. We have also been using this on my husband who is thinning and just starting to grey. He has had increased overall thickness of his hair and a slowing of grey. No you can’t drink the stuff!!!!!!!! But check it out if your feels old.


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